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About Eskimo Tom Artist, Designer, Boat Builder Canoes and Kayaks
About Eskimo Tom: Artist, Designer, Boat Builder Canoes and Kayaks

Wooden Boat Magazine Articles

For builders of wood canoes, sea kayaks and small boats, here are articles of interest found in back issues of Wooden Boat Magazine.

Articles of interest include building technique, sails for small craft, accessories, etc…

NOTE: Article titles given here is not necessarily the given title, as the actual titles did not always capture the gist of the subject matter.

KEYs to the Article List

KEY: WB = Wooden Boat

Example: 8:50 = Issue number 8, page number 50.

Canoes, Kayaks and More

In Nessmuk's Wake: WB 115:30

Taking Lines off Small Craft WB 107:70 WB 115:71

Jerry Stelmok, E.M. White Canoe: WB 67:56

Wood and Canvas Canoe Restoration, Rollin Thurlow Part 1: WB 78:56, Part 2 WB 79:72

The Bear Mountain Canoes, Ted Moores: WB 31:58

How to Build Piccolo - Seaworthy sail and paddle canoe: WB 36:44

Tom Hill, Carl Bausch, Canoe Building in Vermont WB 54:74

Freighter Canoe: WB 67:38

Struer Olympic Racing Kayaks: WB 82:44

Double Paddle Canoes: WB 90:56

The Northwoods Canoe WB: 96:81

Building The 6 hour Canoe: WB 125:46


Stitch and Glue

Chris Kulczycki Stitch and Glue Kayaks: WB 113:44

Truly tortured ply construction method, DK 13' Kayak: WB 70:57

Building Stitch and Glue Triple Kayak Osprey WB 131:74 Part II WB 132:71

Building a Mill Creek: WB 136:76, Part II WB 137:90

Building the Cape Charles: WB 113:48 & 114:34

John Lockwood, Queen Charlotte S & G Kayak: WB 79:84

Sam Devlin, Stitch and Glue, Large Craft: WB 85:52

Scarfing, Greg Rossel: WB 136:94

Plywood, Making the Right Choices: WB 106:35

Building of Random Scoot a Stitch & Glue Canoe Kit: WB 31:50

Ashcroft Construction Epoxy and thin strips: WB 8:50

Strip Planking

Strip planking: WB 57:60 Wood strip kayak

Strip Building a Double Paddle Canoe Henry "Mac" McCarthy: WB 100:92

Clamps in the Boat Shop, Greg Rossel: WB 123:40

Epoxy: WB 84:49

The Basement Bronze Foundry: WB 73:21

Decks and Cabins, Watertight Techniques: WB 133:48

Steam Box

The Foam Steambox: WB 109:70

Steambox Scrapbook: WB 88:51

Skin On Frame

Kodiak Kayak Skin on Frame: WB 58:68

Hooper Bay Kayak SOF: WB 58:74

Platt Monfort Geodesic Airolite 3.7 oz aircraft dacron: WB 76:71

Birchbark Canoes

Henri Vaillancourt and the Bark Canoe: WB 87:80

Gidmark, Building a birch bark canoe: WB 135:50

Paddles, Oars, Technique, Small Boat Extras

Design Your Double Paddle: WB 132:89

Building a Double Blade Paddle: WB 108:67

Northwoods Paddle: WB 67:44

Polling a Canoe: WB 49:40

Native Canoe Stroke: WB 55:79

Retractable Skeg for your Kayak: WB 122:63

Making a Pair of Oars WB 127:88

Making a Pair of Oars (leathers): WB 127:88:90

Oars, Peter Culler: WB 071:29

Windmill Propulsion WB 088:66

Lashing: WB 50:101

Sailing Rigs for Small Wood Boats

Building a Sailing Rig for Canoes or Kayaks WB 131:80

Building a Hollow Mast & Homemade Gooseneck: WB 91:25

Balancing The Rig of a Small Sail Boat: WB 108:80

Sail and Hull Performance: WB 92:76

Iain Oughtred Sail Rigs for Small Boats
-- Variations on the Lugsail: WB 73:80
-- Gaff Rig for Small Boats: WB 75:80
-- Gunter Rig: WB 74:100
-- Sprit Rigs: WB 76:80
-- Bermudian: WB 77:44
-- Exotic Rigs: WB 78:66

Albert Strange Canoe Yawl: WB 64

A Canoe called Yakaboo: WB 119:80

Grand Lakers Canoe: WB 59:

Evolution of the Adirondack Guideboat: WB 130:34

Swampscott Dories: WB 36:35

Klepper Folding Kayak: WB 53:53

Howard Chapelle: WB 84:77

A. Mason: WB 108:54

Beach Cruisers, WB 127:38

In Search of the Perfect Skiff, WB Skiff Contest: WB 103:54

Oughtred Acorn Skiff: WB 56:60

Building the Shellback Dinghy: WB 116:46

Bolger Cartopper Part 1: WB 085:36

LaLa, Joel White's Day Sailer: WB 126:59

Building Beach Pea - A Likable Peapod: WB 133:76 Part II WB 134:78 Pt III WB 135:81s

Great South Bay Scooters WB 92:53

Sneakbox: WB 61: WB 68:

Trout Unlimited, Strip built runabout: WB 64

A Wooden Trailer for a Wooden Boat WB 101:82