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who we are

Our Story

When my daughter Falynn Borria was diagnosed at 7-months old with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type-1, there was a feeling of helplessness. The doctors told us to take her home and love her. They didn't tell us that there was something we could do and there was equipment that could help. After many hours of independently researching, I learn that there was something out there that could help her medical condition. Medicaid was taking longer than expected to provide us with this essential equipment that could keep Falynn healthy. That's when we decided to do our first fundraiser called "Crossfit to Cure SMA." We raised the necessary funds to buy a cough assist, pulse oximeter and suction machine. I truly believed in my heart that this equipment not only kept my daughter healthy but it saved her life.Other families are not as fortunate. Falynn's Wings believes that every family should be given a fighting chance to have their child live. That's where we step in and show parents that it is possible to care for your child and keep them alive and healthy. There are many other obstacles that SMA kids will face but Falynn's Wings will provide each family with hope and education on how to plan for the future. We will emphasize the importance of pro-action as opposed to reaction because waiting too long WILL cost a child's life.

Our Team

Eddie Yan

Website Developer

Hi my name is Eddie Yan, I have been friends with Gonzalo for easily over a decade and have the pleasure to work with him personally for couple of those years.

When I heard about Falynn suffering from SMA, as a friend I felt completely helpless and as a father I couldn't stand by just watching. The strength and courage of the whole Borria family empowered me to take action. I was blessed with the task to create, design and maintain for the past several years.

I am currently the owner of Aspire Design Studios where we turn "thoughts to things." We specialize in all aspects of branding, graphics design, 3D modeling, 3D render, video editing, 3D printing, & rapid prototyping.

Jeff "Obey Jeff" Salazar

Visual Communication Director

I first met Jeff when we worked together early on in his graphic designing career. We developed a friendship that has lasted for years. After Falynn was diagnosed we put together our first fundraiser, an obstacle course at Crossfit Max Effort.

Jeff volunteered to design our artwork for the event and since then has designed all of our flyers and brochures. Jeff is a fresh thinker and creative muse that brings over fifteen years design experience, most recently as Art Director at Surrender Nightclub in Las Vegas, with a proven track record of creating stellar designs that deliver results. Thank you Jeff and all the people at for all the support.

Andrea Smith

Health Insurance Expert

Andrea Smith is a volunteer that assists with letters of medical necessity (LMN). She does not have SMA nor do her children. Andrea has been kind enough to supply Falynn's Wings with multiple LMN's to combat insurance companies and Medicaid.

The term medical necessity is used by insurance companies to deny SMA children their medical equipment. These LMN's were created to clarify the positive effects of medical equipment and there importance to the survival of an SMA child.

Andrea has donated her time and energy to help SMA children. She is an asset to the SMA community and we are very thankful for all her hard work. The only thing that she asks is that her contact information be published, so that families who have questions about how to use the letters, or who need changes/updates made, can get in touch with her. Andrea can be contacted by email at or by phone at 864.845.8816

Thank you.

Chad Smith


My name is Chad Smith, also known as “Chad the Dad”. My wife, Becky, and I are the proud parents of two wonderful children, Aleah and Blake. Our son Blake has a long list of medical challenges which continue to plague his life.

Throughout the past five years our family has grown and learned many different tricks in dealing with the trials that come with being Parents of a Medically Challenged Kid. During our journey I have written two different articles. The first one is titled, “8 Things You Don’t Know About the Smith Family”. This was written when Blake was almost 3 years old. At this point in our life everything seemed overwhelming, stressful, and frustrating.

The second article is my most recent article. It describes our life now and how it has transformed into what I have started to call a “New Normal.”Becky and I feel we have gained a wealth of knowledge throughout the years. We believe we have nearly everything Blake needs in his life to live a healthy, normal life and even thrive while battling the problems associated with his unknown neuromuscular condition.

We want to share what we know with you and others like us. We want to help other people to reach the “New Normal” in their life. We have adapted and learned to ask and advocate for nothing but the best for our family. We want to help you advocate and get the very best for you and your family. 

Thank you.

Lets Work Together and fight SMA!
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