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During my journey building and designing small water craft I encountered several obstacles. While I love the process and find boat building personally rewarding I live in the heart of the Flyover Zone between the West and East coasts. No schools were nearby, I did not have the financial resources, time or motivation to move and take proper classes.

I did what any self educated individual would do and read everything I could on the topic, creating my personal correspondence course. When I ran out of library books I began to amass a personal libarary which number over 150 books, magazines and documents.

As a service, I've compiled a list here of perhaps the more useful texts I have had the opportunity to read.

Reading List of Recommended Wood Boat Books

I realize that in the Internet age, more folks will seek more instant educational gratification.

Wooden Boat Magazine

After subscribing and collecting back issues of Wooden Boat Magazine on and off over the last 10 years, I finally acquired all the issues on PDF from the publisher. I am at the age where acquiring more heavy stuff needing to be moved from place to place simply makes no sense.

Back in 2012, I went through back issues of Wooden Boat magazine and created a list of articles on canoe and kayak topics. The list also includes numerous other articles of value to builders of small water craft.

Wooden Boat Magazine List of Canoe and Kayak articles.

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