Kayaks for Stitch and Glue

If the last 15 years have taught me anything about small craft design, there are plenty of decent sea kayak designs out there. I receive fewer requests custom wood sea kayaks.

Plans on hand include…

11' x 29"

14' x 25"

15.5' x 23"

17' x 22"

The Kayak Pictured Above

A yacht owner named Francis was looking for a shorter kayak with sufficient volume to carry supplies to his boat.

On his leisure time, it would double as a fast exploration toy for paddling close along shores and play in waves.

The length he had in mind would allow it to be easily stowed on deck. His other request was to carry the volume along the length fore and aft so it would comfortably hold larger loads.

This is an example of the projects I find useful. Helping folks like you with a unique solution.

Deck Design/Construction

Like the kayak seen in the above picture, I let the builder configure what ever style deck they see fit to build.

There are so many styles to choose from, none of which are complicated to finish. I have had clients use all kinds of methods.

In the photo below, the client designed a stitch and glue deck comparable to the style used in Pygmy brand kayaks.

Fine Wood Water Craft Kayak in Sweden