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Trout Lily Left, Larkspur pictured on right

Canoes for Double-Paddle

8' x 20 Peapod Solo Canoe

8' x 20" (243.84 cm x 53.34 cm)
"Peapod" Solo Canoe

A one sheet design by request to be used as a prop, this model has been surprisingly popular. Some folks build it for a child and others use it as an inexpensive test of their ability to build a stitch and glue boat.

The design intent was to create a functional water craft rather than just a scaled down version of a larger model. This design has a wide, relatively flat bottom.

Bow Height: 11.25" Center Height: 9" Stern Height: 10.75"

  • Design Displacement: 93 Lbs.
  • Water line Beam: 19.6"
  • Water line Length: 92"
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.56
  • D/L Ratio: 90
  • S/L Ratio: 2.04

10' x 28 Turtlehead Double-Paddle Solo Canoe

10' x 28" (304.8 cm x 71.12 cm)
"Turtlehead" Solo Canoe

Designed for a client who wanted a wood canoe similar in size and shape to the cheap plastic boats you see piled up outside the big box outdoor store. It will float a lot on a short length. A small, stable, easily transported craft.

I visualized the short 1 person kayak play boat and wrapped the planks around the shape in the design software. The client wanted an open boat, I put some tumblehome in along the gun wales as he was planing on using a double paddle. The bottom is quite flat.

Bow Height: 12.75" Center Height: 8" Stern Height: 10"

  • Design Displacement: 131 Lbs.
  • Water line Beam: 26.9"
  • Water line Length: 119"
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.50
  • D/L Ratio: 61
  • S/L Ratio: 2.30

11' x 28 Sweet Pea Double-Paddle Solo Canoe

11' x 28" (335.28 x 71.12 cm)
"Sweet Pea" Solo Canoe

Crafted in 2009, for an experienced paddler in search of what I like to call a "pack canoe." That is a canoe you can flip up on the car and drive to a hike in trout or splake lake like those found in many national forests in Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. With 4 ounce cloth and spruce or cedar like trim, it would be easy enough to get this boat in the 20 to 25 pound range in weight.

There's little pretension of carrying much more than the paddler, fishing gear and lunch in safety and comfort when paddling smaller lakes and rivers.

Bow Height: 14" Center Height: 9.5" Stern Height: 11-5/16"

  • Design Displacement: 200 Lbs.
  • Water line Beam: 27.25"
  • Water line Length: 131"
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.51
  • D/L Ratio: 70
  • S/L Ratio: 2.21

12' x 29 Odonota Double-Paddle Solo Canoe

12' x 29" (365.76 x 73.66 cm)
"Odonota" Solo Canoe

This design is a "pack boat" intended for quick day trips with the capacity to carry gear for a weekend. It is relatively wide design at 29 inches. It features a relatively flat botton with rocker fore and aft with slight tumblehome.

The bare hull with 4mm marine ply and 4 oz. glass in and out, without gunwales, thwart or decks weighs 20 lbs.

Bow Height: 12.75" Center Height: 9-3/8" Stern Height: 10-11/16"

  • Design Displacement: 230
  • Water line Beam: 29"
  • Water line Length: 142"
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.53
  • D/L Ratio: 62
  • S/L Ratio: 2.28

13' x 28.5 Trout Lily Double-Paddle Solo Canoe

13' x 28.5" (396.24 x 72.39 cm)
"Trout Lily"

The Trout Lily is a cross between a pack canoe and touring solo canoe. It was created for a long time paddling buddy and friend who uses it primarily for weekend paddling and quick excursions on Minnesota lakes and rivers.

Featuring a prominate "V" bottom to promote tracking and carry weight low, it leans easily to carve turns, is quite stable and a popular design.

With sturdy 6 ounce glass inside and out, Ash gunwales & thwart, "scuppered" inwales, floation bulk heads bow and stern, and custom raised seat, the boat we built for Pete came in at about 38 pounds. It would not be hard to knock off 5 - 8 pounds with lighter cloth and finishing.

Bow Height: 15" Center Height: 10" Stern Height: 12"

  • Design Displacement: 225 Lbs.
  • Water line Beam: 26"
  • Water line Length: 154"
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.52
  • D/L Ratio: 49
  • S/L Ratio: 2.46

14' x 26 Double-Paddle Solo Canoe

14' x 26" (426.72 x 66.04 cm) Solo Canoe

I believe this was designed for an experienced paddler who wanted an alternative to a larger touring boat. This design is intended more floor mounted seating instead of higher up.

Like the Trout Lily, this is a great design for light touring. The narrower beam provides sufficient stability for the experienced paddler.

Bow Height: 15" Center Height: 10" Stern Height: 12"

  • Design Displacement: 251 Lbs.
  • Water line Beam: 25.3"
  • Water line Length: 166"
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.53
  • D/L Ratio: 42
  • S/L Ratio: 2.58

15.6' x 30 Solo Canoe Sweet Rocket

15.6 x 30" (472.44 x 76.2 cm) "Sweet Rocket"

Given two sheets of marine plywood, the Sweet Rocket design provides high capacity, stability with sweet lines and simple 6 plank construction.

Bow Height: 15" Center Height: 9-11/16" Stern Height: 12-13/16"

  • Design Displacement: 345 Lbs.
  • Water line Beam: 28.5"
  • Water line Length: 182"
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.61
  • D/L Ratio: 44
  • S/L Ratio: 2.54

15.5' x 29 Larkspur Solo

15.5' x 29" Larkspur Solo - 3 Models
Larkspur II - Fuller Bow
Larkspur "Tall" higher volume
(472.44 x 73.66 cm)

The first canoe I designed specifically for myself, the "grand daddy" of the Fine Wood Water Craft double-paddle canoe line. I wanted the longest canoe possible with 2 sheets of marine ply. I wanted good tracking, ease of leaning over to cut a turn with a kayak double-paddle and ample capacity for trips, I weigh about 160 lbs. With 4 ounce glass in and out, and thick Ash gunwales, my Larkspur weighs 38 pounds. My original gunwales were "over built," and my next one will have a more slender cross section using a much lighter wood.

While the Trout Lily was under construction, I created this design as my sport touring canoe.

Heavily influenced by Minnesota solo canoe designs from Bell and Wenonah, the Larkspur has a more narrow bow section giving it a more kayak like shape at the waterline. The Bell Magic and Sawyer Summersong were very influencial design targets.

The plumb bow and stern has deadwood cut away and provides some minor rocker. A modest vee like cross section along the hull's bottom "line" contributes straight line tracking. I sit on the bottom using closed cell foam pads and use a kayak double paddle for propulsion, which was the design intent.

Two clients requested Larspur design modifications. First came Larkspur II, with same dimensions but fuller bow section for more buoyancy forward, "for paddling with his dog."

One client wanted to mount a traditional canoe seat placed high up near the gunwales. I designed the "Tall" Larkspur version for them. The slightly higher sides allow a bit more leaning capacity given the higher center of gravity caused by sitting up on a traditionally mounted canoe seat.

Bow Height: 15.5" Center Height: 10.5" Stern Height: 12.25"

  • Base Larkspur Finished Weight Range (Estimate): 35 - 45 Pounds
  • Design Displacement: 320 Lbs.
  • Water line Beam: 27.5"
  • Water line Length: 186"
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.51
  • D/L Ratio: 38
  • S/L Ratio: 2.65

Wood Canoe and Kayak Plans

15.7' x 25" Lady Slipper - Solo
(478.536 x 63.5 cm)

A refined Larkspur for the experienced paddler. Unlike the Larkspur with the widest beam possible for two sheets of marine plywood, given length, the client requested 25 inch maximum beam.

The result is having a canoe take an even more slender kayak hull form in the water, while still offering the benefit of the open deck.

Bow Height: 15" Center Height: 10" Stern Height: 12.5"

  • Design Displacement: 220
  • Water line Beam: 23.4"
  • Water line Length: 186"
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.50
  • D/L Ratio: 30
  • S/L Ratio: 2.88

15' x 31 Double-Paddle Sailing Canoe Maidenhair

15' x 31" Sailing Canoe Maidenhair
(457.2 x 78.74 cm)

The first design for a recreational double-paddle sailing canoe for stitch and glue building.

Highly influenced by the lines from sailing canoes of the late 1800's.

The shape of this design is somewhat similar. Stitch and glue construction will spare you the time and trouble of building the strong back and you will have a smooth skin instead of the lovely lapped planks of the original.

It has a full, more classic shape to give you the volume and room you need to shift your ballast when you tack.

This design requires more than two sheets of marine ply.

Bow Height: 15" Center Height: 9-1/16" Stern Height: 12-7/8"

  • Design Displacement: 251
  • Water line Beam: 29"
  • Water line Length: 186"
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.56
  • D/L Ratio: 35
  • S/L Ratio: 2.74

17' x 29 in Solo Canoe

17' x 29" Solo Canoe
(518.16 x 73.66 cm)

Requested by a Twin Cities Dentist with a particular requirement. His hobbies include large format photography and BWCA canoeing. This design requires a third sheet of plywood to achieve its length.

He required substantial cargo carrying capability, good tracking and light weight for easy portaging. He utilized aluminum gunwales, and carbon fiber instead of glass to further reduce weight.

This long double paddle style canoe offers great volume along its length making it quite stable and comfortable on big water. The client supplied the 17 foot length and agreed 29" was all that was necessary for width.

Bow Height: 15.5" Center Height: 9-13/16" Stern Height: 12.5"

  • Design Displacement: 366 Lbs.
  • Water line Beam: 28.5"
  • Water line Length: 209.5"
  • Prismatic Coefficient: 0.51
  • D/L Ratio: 34
  • S/L Ratio: 2.75