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Fine Wood Water Craft, Designer, Builder Double Paddle Canoes and Kayaks
Hand Made Wooden Canoes & Kayaks for Double Paddle and Sail, Trout Lily seen here

Plans for Wooden Canoes, Kayaks & Small Boats

Designer, Boat Builder, Artist Gallery: Eskimo Tom

Wooden Double Paddle and Sailing Canoes

Taking paddle to water, once a luxury, by all means today is a necessity to maintain sanity in an otherwise busy world.

Away from office, work and daily stress, to the river and lake we travel, where sun sparkles on the water, between the branches and leaves of overhanging tress. Ahhh, bliss.

Have you stood there on lake shore or flowing river bank and say to yourself, "If I only had a boat!"

Plan now. In no way can you provide yourself with a higher level of satisfaction as when you paddle Fine Wood Water Craft created by Eskimo Tom.

Designs and Plans for Fine Wood Water Craft by Eskimo Tom are the result of 30 years paddling, portaging, desiging canoes and kayaks and building beautiful, hand made, feather weight, wood double-paddle style canoes and sea kayaks.

Now is the time to enjoy a functional ultra-light, floating piece of wood art to paddle for yourself. As beautiful on the water or hanging in your den, these hand made wood canoes and sea kayaks can be built to weigh the same or less than manufactured kevlar or carbon fiber counterparts.

Build yourself a canoe or kayak from plans, or allow me to hand craft one for you. I build skin-on-frame, cedar strip and stitch and glue wooden boats.

Fine Wood Water Craft provides plans, custom designs, custom boat-building, classes and fine art for wooden boat enthusiasts.

The value of your boat depends largely on its design, and the design must be suited to the purpose for which it is intended.

The new or less experienced paddler may want something more stable, the experienced paddler will want finer lines and a faster boat.

Have it designed your way. If you do not find the design you seek, ask for it. The bulk of my canoe, kayak and wood boat designs are client requests for wood boat designs they can not find anywhere else.

Plans: Ready to Buy or Request Custom Design

There is nothing more enjoyable than messing around small wood boats and building one of your own. Save yourself design time and buy a plan here for your next wood boat.

Custom designs have been created for clients in USA, England, Scotland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and South Africa.

The plan gives you all the information, measurements, and details for building your boat.

Custom Made, Handcrafted Wood Boats

I will build you a boat from my plans, your provided plans or kits from the kit companies. Cost is a function of construction style, boat style, size of hull, quality and market price of materials required.

Figure about $175.00 a foot for kit boats construction. Figure up to $325.00 per foot as a rough estimate where I supply all materials, and the plan.

Following the links to learn more about the kinds of custom build, hand crafted wood boats I create.

Learn More About Wooden Boats

Fine Art

I am embarking on yet another journey, to bring the art of fine wood water craft originals and prints, in any medium, to an online gallery here for sale to wood boat enthusiasts. I am in creating art myself in the using a variety of media including watercolors, oils, acrylics, computer and scale models.

If you have photos of your boat you would like turned into a painting, let me know, and we will make it happen.

If you are an artist interested in having your art featured and sold on the Fine Wood Water Craft website please contact me by phone.

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